Qeema Kachori are also a popular Ramadan meal food item, where variants include vegetarian as well as chicken or beef stuffing served with sweet chutney.

  • Preparation time: 20 mins
  • Cook Time: 15 mins

INGREDIENTS of Arabic Qeema Kachori

  • Minced Beef: ½ kg
  • Chopped Onion: 1
  • Ginger Garlic Paste: 1 tbsp
  • Lemons: 2
  • Crushed Red Chilies: 1 tsp
  • Crushed Black Pepper: 1 tsp
  • Salt
  • Chopped Green Coriander: ½ bunch
  • Chopped Green Chilies: 4
  • Roasted and Crushed White Cumin: 1 tsp
  • Oil
  • Flour: 2 bowls
  • Soda Bi Carbonate: 1 tsp
  • Jaggery Syrup: 2 tbsp
  • Salt

How to Make Arabic Qeema Kachori

  1. Add 2 bowls of flour, salt, 2 tbsp Jaggery Syrup,and 1 tsp Soda Bicarbonate and mix it properly and add water and make a dough.
  2. Cover it so that it rises well.
  3. In a pan add minced beef, ginger garlic paste and salt and dry out the water.
  4. Now add red chilies, roasted and crushed white cumin, crushed black pepper and lemon juice and cook well for 10 min.
  5. After cools down, add chopped onions, green chilies and green coriander.
  6. Now add oil in kadhai..
  7. Wet your hands and put mince batter in it and close it and make kachori.
  8. Fry it on medium heat.
  9. Serve it with tamarind chutney.



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