Ganesh Chaturthi and other festivals are coming here besan ladoo recipe which will help you to make the festival special

Ingredients of besan laddoo

  • 35 gram ghee
  • 50 gram besan
  • 10 grm suji
  • 1 pinch yellow colour
  • 30 gram caster sugar
  • 1cardamom

Method of making besan laddu / laddoo

  1. Heat ghee in a kharai and add besan in it.fry over low heat on slow flame. with continuous stirring.
  2. Take care that no lumbs are formed.continuous stirring till light brown color comes, now add suji and stirring again. remove from fire and add colour.
  3. let it cool little then mix castor sugar and cardamom and foam into laddu or laddoo.


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