Borma is a thick and crunchy fillets wrapped around chopped nuts like pistachios, pine nuts or cashews. It is one of the Middle East’s richest sweets in nuts and sugar syrup.

Prep. Time: 90 minutes

Ingredients of Borma

  • 1 kg pre-made knufa dough
  • 300 g ghee, for frying
  • 200 g syrup
  • 400 g any kind of nuts

How to Make Borma

  1. Flat the dough on a table and spread nuts in the middle.
  2. Roll Knufa over nuts from starting to end.
  3. Wait until it gets dry.
  4. Now heat the ghee in a pan then fry until it becomes gold and drain from ghee.
  5. Spread the syrup after heating over the Borma and leave for an hour then drain from syrup, cut into circles.
  6. Borma is ready to serve.