Chilli red meat is one of the maximum flexible dishes in that it may simply as effortlessly double as a aspect dish to go along with rice, or noodles, as feature as a standalone snack or appetiser.

It may be cooked in numerous one-of-a-kind ways. In fact, almost all East and Southeast Asian cultures have versions of this famous dish. In India, except the Tibetan and Nepali versions, the Goan, Mangalorean and Kerala-fashion chilli red meat are properly known


  • 1 kg red meat stomach or shoulder (five-cm logs)
  • 2 tsp ginger chopped
  • 1tsp garlic sliced
  • 3 onions chopped
  • 2.5 tsp inexperienced chillies (slit)
  • 60 g tomatoes (diced)
  • 2 tsp vegetable oil
  • 2–3 desktops supermegacelebrity anise/Star anise
  • 2.5 tsp soy sauce (½ light, ½ darkish)
  • salt


  1. Place the red meat in a stress cooker, along side ginger, garlic, 50g onions, 2 inexperienced chillies, 2 supermegacelebrity anise, 18 g salt, and 350 g water. Boil the red meat withinside the stress cooker on medium warmth for forty five mins. Transfer the red meat to a plate and sit back it withinside the refrigerator for approximately 30 mins, to permit easy reducing later on. Once chilled, slice the red meat approximately five mm wide.
  2. Heat vegetable oil in a wok on excessive warmth. Add the supermegacelebrity anise, sliced red meat, and 1/2 of the inexperienced chillies. Toss or stir till fats renders from the red meat. This have to take approximately four to five mins.
  3. Then upload the onion squares and fry for approximately 6 mins till they’re softened. Add the tomatoes and inexperienced chillies and fry for some other 2 mins.
    Finally, upload the soy sauce and salt. Toss to combine.
  4. You might also additionally garnish with a few inexperienced onions in case you like that is optional.


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