Coconut Kheer is a south Indian vegan dessert. Prepared using grated coconut, rice, almonds, cashews, milk and powdered jaggery, it will for sure sneak into the hearts of your guests and become their favorite. This dessert is suitable for people of all ages, and will take them all by surprise with it’s lip-smacking flavors.

Ingredients of Rice Coconut Kheer

How to Make Rice Coconut Kheer

  • Start by soaking the nuts in water for an hour. Drain the excess water and transfer it to a separate bowl.
  • Then, take the almonds and the cashews and crush them into a bowl and keep aside.
  • Take a pan over medium flame and boil the milk in it. When the milk starts boiling, turn the flame to medium and add jaggery, grated coconut, grounded cardamon and rice and stir it well.
  • Turn the flame to low and allow the mixture to cook till it turns thick and creamy.
  • Next, add the crushed almonds and cashews to the milk and stir it well.
  • Turn the flame to medium again and turn it off when the mixture appears to get thick.
  • Transfer the kheer to a serving bowl and garnish it with almonds and cashews.



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