Coconut Burfi is a perfect recipe when you want something sweet and satisfied without spending hours in the kitchen

Grated coconut and sugar are its main ingredients

  • 50gm  khoya

  • 25gm  desiccated coconut

  • 25gm caster sugar(one string constancy sugar syrup)

  • 1 green cardamom

  • 1or 2 drops kewra

  • ghee

  • condensed milk

  • color yellow

  • Thali (greased with gee)

Let’s make coconut burfi

  1. Great Khoya and mash well it is dry add milk to soften them put on slow fire on a heavy Skillet ,cook with constantly stirring till soft and still very white.

  2. Now add coconut powder and cook till it leaves the sides of the Skillet. Remove from fire and mix sugar syrup mixture, cardamom powder, yellow color, kewda and spread it on a (greased with gee) thali .After few hours when it dries cut it in shape of Barfi .

  3. Coconut Burfi is usually made by adding grated coconut to one string constancy sugar syrup mixture and cooked them together in my opinion the sugar syrup and well as the condensed milk lets the coconut Burfi at slightly chewy texture.


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