Ingredients Of Dundee Cake

  • 1500 gms butter
  • 1500 gms sugar
  • 30 nos egg
  • 2 kg flour
  • 40 gms baking powder
  • 4 nos orange zest
  • 4 kg fruit mixture
  • As required almonds, blanched

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How to Make Dundee Cake

1. To make the Dundee cake beat the butter and sugar together till it gets soften.
2. Add eggs one by one to the above mixture. Sieve all the dry ingredients and keep ready (flour, baking powder).
3. Add orange zest followed by black jack and beat the mixture for a while.
4. Add the dry ingredients and fold the mixture slowly. Finally add the fruit mixture to it.
5. In the end, arrange the blanched almonds on top of the cake mixture which gives a beautiful finishing.

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