Tropical fruit salad recipe. Having a fruit salad is a good habit to eat. Not only are they quick to prepare, but also light on the stomach and easy to digest and nutritious.
So this summer, make the most of the seasonal fruits nature offers like mangoes, jackfruit, chikoos, berries, and more.
Fruit salad is a healthy dish, but you have to be careful about choosing the right combination of fruits. The wrong combination of fruits can be toxic to the body or cause stomach discomfort.
To be on the safe side, for this tropical fruit salad, I chose sweet fruits like mango, banana, chicken, and papaya.
The fruit salad was delicious mainly because all the fruit was organic. They were so good and sweet that I didn’t add any sweetener or sugar to the salad.
Always use ripe, sweet fruit when making a fruit salad, so you don’t need to add additional sugar or sweetener. Half-ripe or half-ripe fruits can also cause stomach problems.
As a garnish on the fruit, I added cashews, almonds and walnuts for added texture and crunch. You can even roast the nuts if you like. Nuts and dried fruits when roasted become a good snack as well as a snacking snack.
You can dry the dried fruits in the oven or in a pan and season them with your favorite spices and keep them in an airtight container and snack on them whenever you want.

Some tips for making a good fruit salad

  • Use seasonal fruits.
  • Use only fresh, ripe and sweet fruit.
  • Ideally, fruits should not be eaten after a meal. It is always best to have fruit at least half an hour or 1 hour before a meal.
  • Avoid mixing sour fruits and citrus fruits with sweet fruits.
  • Avoid mixing citrus fruits with milk-based products.
  • The fruits are perishable and do not have a long shelf life when chopped. It is therefore always preferable to consume them fresh.
  • You can use mint leaves for garnish as well as for digestive properties.
  • You can also add your choice of dry roasted dried fruit for extra flavor.

How to make a tropical fruit salad

1. Rinse fruits like mangoes, papaya and chikoo (sapota) first. Peel them and cut them into small pieces. Remove and discard the seeds. Also chop the bananas.
2. Add the chopped fruit to a salad bowl or any large bowl.
3. Mix the fruit very well.
4. Now add some chopped or sliced nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios or walnuts. You can even lightly roast the nuts if you like and then add them.
5. Again mix well.
6. Immediately serve the fruit salad garnished with a few sprigs of mint leaves and a few nuts.


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