On the occasion of the pious Janmashtami, a special bhog of makhan mishri (sweet white butter) is offered to the deity. Makhan Mishri is a mixture of fresh white butter with sprinkle of coarsely grinded mishri.

Ingredients of Makhan Mishri

  • A cup of cream collected from milk
  • One teaspoon of misri dana
  • One Teaspoon of chopped dry fruits but its optional
  • few Tulsi Leaves

How To Make Makhan Mishri

  1. Collect the cream on top of the milk for a few days and you can harvest a cup of fresh milk cream.
  2. You can also use store-bought heavy cream. Take a cup of cream and put it in a blender.
  3. Mix well until it becomes thick Now add four to five tablespoons of cold water to it and mix it again.
  4. The butter and whey will slowly separate.
  5. Collect the butter in a bowl and add the misri Mix well and add some dry fruits and tulsi leaves and your makhan misri is ready.
  6. You can keep this as an offering to divinity and then distribute among devotees, friends and family.


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