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Mango and Mint Kheer


Mango and Mint Kheer is healthy dessert for north Indians in summer season. Everyone loves this dessert. This is healthy and children love to eat it.

Ingredients required for mango and mint kheer

  • Milk: 21/2 cups
  • Basmati rice: 1 cup
  • Powdered sugar: 3 tbsp
  • Saffron: pinch
  • Almonds : 7-8
  • Mango puree: 1 cup
  • Raisins: 10 to 15
  • Mint leaves: bunch
  • Cardamom: 3 to 4
  • Cloves: 2 to 3

How To Make mango and mint kheer

  •  Take a saucepan, add the basmati rice, sugar, milk and stir.
  •   Add the saffron and stir gently.
  •  When the mixture is boiled, add mango puree.
  •  Add mint leaves, raisins and almonds.
  •   Stir gently and cover the pan.
  •  Let the rice cook over low heat.
  •  Kheer becomes creamy and thick, that of rice is cooked.
  •   Add green cardomom.
  •  Sprinkle some almonds.
  •  Refrigerate and serve chilled.


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