When your kids get bored of the same old butter-jam and cheese sandwiches, try this exciting Quick Coleslaw Sandwich instead.

Kids will love to bite into this multi-textured sandwich, and enjoy its many flavours too. This quick treat can also be easily prepared with bread slices, in case you forgot to stock up on hot dog rolls.

The best part is that it stays good for around three hours, so you can even pack it in the tiffin box for your kids to enjoy at school.

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 5 mins
Total Time: 15 mins
Makes 4 Sandwiches


To Be Mixed Into A Coleslaw
3/4 cup shredded cabbage
1/2 cup grated carrot
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/4 tsp garlic (lehsun) paste
2 tsp tomato ketchup
salt and freshly ground black pepper (kalimirch) to taste

Other Ingredients
4 hot dog rolls
melted butter for spreading
4 tbsp grated processed cheese


    1. Divide the coleslaw into 4 equal portions and keep aside.
    2. Cut each hot dog roll horizontally into 2 equal halves.
    3. Place both the hot dog roll halves on a clean, dry surface. Apply a little melted butter on both the sides of each halve.
    4. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and cook both the halves till they turn light brown in colour from both the sides.
    5. Place the lower halve of the hot dog roll on a clean, dry surface. Spread a portion of the coleslaw evenly over it. Sprinkle 1 tbsp of cheese over it and sandwich it using the upper halve of the hot dog roll.
    6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to make 3 more sandwiches.

How to pack

    1. Allow the sandwiches to cool completely and then pack in an aluminium foil and put in a tiffin box.

Nutrition Value

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