Russian vegetarian salad recipe. Russian salad is an easy to prepare and very popular salad recipe. I had this Russian salad several times in restaurants in Goa during my stay there. In Goa, a lot of tourists come from Russia and this salad is quite famous in the beach restaurants of Goa.
There in Goa, they also add hard-boiled eggs to the Russian salad. While in this recipe I did not add eggs and the salad is made from boiled vegetables and mayonnaise without eggs. If you want, you can add hard-boiled eggs to the salad.
Mayonnaise can be purchased in grocery stores. It is readily available in hypermarkets or supermarkets in India.
You can serve this Russian salad with your usual meals or have it plain any time of the day when you are little hungry. To include salads in the diet is a good habit. Fruits and green vegetables are important for the well-being of the body.

Preparation for the Russian salad recipe

1. First rinse 1 medium carrot, 1 medium potato, ¼ cup green beans (chopped) and ½ cup green peas (matar) in water.
2. In a saucepan or saucepan, add enough water and boil the carrot, potato, green peas and green beans. Then drain the water. You can also put them in the microwave until they are completely cooked.
3. When the vegetables are cooked, peel the potato and chop it.
4. Also chop the boiled carrots and green beans. You can also chop the vegetables first and boil them later. I usually avoid doing the latter because when we chop the vegetables and then boil them some water soluble vitamins and minerals are lost. It is better to boil them whole first and then chop them. Measure and keep all the ingredients ready for making the Russian Vegetarian Salad.

Make a Russian salad

5. In a bowl or container, add ¾ cup mayonnaise without egg.
6. Whisk with a wire whisk or spatula until the mayonnaise is smooth.
7. Then add the chopped carrots, potatoes, green beans and green peas.
8. Add 1 small celery stick (finely chopped) and salt if necessary.
9. Finally, add the black pepper powder (optional).
10. Stir and mix very well.
11. Garnish the Russian salad with a few lettuce leaves and slices of tomato, cucumber or bell pepper.
12. Serve the Russian salad with your usual meals or you can also have it plain any time of the day when you are hungry.


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