Sugarcane juice is the liquid extracted from pressed sugarcane. It is consumed as a beverage in many places, especially where sugarcane is commercially grown, such as Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, North Africa, and Latin America.

Ingredients of Sugarcane juice

  • 3 cups Sugarcane cut into strips
  • 1 cup Water as needed
  • 2 tablespoon Sugar
  • ½ Lemon optional

How to Make Sugarcane juice

  • Cut the sugarcane into pieces.
  • Peel off the skin by inserting the knife along the edge holding vertically.
  • Further, cut down into thin strips and cut into smaller sticks.
  • Place these strips in blender in small batches with little water and blend well.
  • Transfer to a large metal strainer over a bowl.
  • Squeeze off the juice with hands.
  • Filter and mix sugar as needed. Enjoy.


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