I have a confession to make. I can’t resist samosas. If I see them, I have to eat them. And let’s not even talk about the regular cravings I have when I start thinking about them right after lunch, and I can’t do anything until I have them. It is certainly not one. At least two. But above all three.

INGREDIENTS Of Three Cheese Samosa

  •  22 samosa sheets, about half of a 500g package (could be substituted with phyllo dough or spring roll wrappers. *See note), thawed


  •  350g/ 12.4oz (3 cups) mozzarella cheese (similar melty cheese may be substituted), shredded
  •  8 squares Kiri or 113g/ 4oz cream cheese, softened
  •  1 1/2 tablespoons (21g/ 3/4oz) creamy, salty white cheese, like creamy feta, barameely or istanboli


  •  2 1/2 tablespoons (19g) all-purpose flour
  •  2 tablespoons water


  •  Neutral tasting oil like vegetable, sunflower, corn or canola oill

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INSTRUCTIONS Of Three Cheese Samosa

  1. In a medium bowl, mash the cream cheese and salted cottage cheese with a fork until smooth. Add the mozzarella and mix until homogeneous. Put aside.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the flour and water until smooth and form a paste of consistency similar to white glue. When working with one leaf of samosa at a time, keep the rest covered under a cloth, to prevent it from drying out.
  3. To fold and fill the sheet, follow the instructions on the back of the package. Start by bringing the upper right corner of the sheet, halfway to the left side. From the top, you should be able to see a triangle forming below.
  4. Add a little flour dough to adhere the fold that has formed to the long sheet. Add a little more dough on the right side of the sheet. Now bring the triangle that has formed on the left side, down on the right side, landing on the dough you just added. A cone shape should now be formed. Make sure that the corner of the cone is tight and has no large holes, so that the filling does not escape during frying.
  5. Lift the samosa leaf from the work surface and let it rest on the palm of your left hand. With your right hand, using a spoon (I prefer to use a small ice cream scoop for easy release), stuff the cone with about 1 1/2 tablespoons of the cheese mixture.
  6. Put the filled cone / sheet back on the work surface and slightly flatten the filling with your hand. Dab part of the flour dough on all the remaining sides. Fold the filled cone to the left, then fold it to the right.
  7. You should now have a perfect triangle with a small tail sticking out. Bring the tail and stick it on the triangle. You now have a perfectly formed samosa triangle. Repeat with the remaining leaves.
  8. Keep the wrapped samosas cool in the freezer until you are ready to fry them (at least until you heat the oil) or freeze them completely and store them in zipper bags for 1 month maximum. Let them thaw slightly for 10 to 15 minutes before frying. To fry the samosas, fill a pan with enough oil just to cover the bottom of the pan.
  9. DO NOT fry the samosas in a lot of oil or the cheese will ooze. Heat over medium heat until shimmering. Place enough samosas to fill the pan without overloading it. Fry for about 2 to 3 minutes on the first side until they are golden in color, then turn them on the other side and cook for another minute or two until they are nicely golden.
  10. Transfer to paper towels to drain, then arrange on a serving dish to serve. Better appreciated when it is still hot, so the cheese is always ooey and sticky. Once cooled, the cheese filling will remain pleasant and soft but not melting.