Kurdai is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe. This is summer special recipe that comes under papad category. This is summer special recipe as it is usually prepared in summer, sun dried and stored. It is fried whenever required. It can be stored for the year.

Ingredients of Wheat Kurdai 

  • Wheat – 2 bowls
  • Salt  – 1 tsp
  • Alum – 1/4 tsp


How to Make Wheat Kurdai 

  • Take some Wheat, wash it properly, and soak it for 4 days.
  • Change the Water daily during summers.
  • Then grind the soaked Wheat and filter it by using a strainer.
  • Then filter the Wheat Mixture with a thin cloth then cover it and keep it for 7-8 hours.
  • Then take out the excessive Water from it carefully and measure the quantity of mixture.
  • In a pan, put the Water equal to the quantity of mixture, some Salt, and Alum Powder in it.
  • When it starts boiling, turn the flame slow and put the Wheat Mixture in it gradually and stir it continuously. When the mixture gets thick, cover it and cook it for 7-8 mins .
  • If the mixture will get stick to your hands then cook it for some more time or if it will not stick to your hands then turn off the flame.
  • Take a Kurdai maker, put the mixture in it, and make on a plastic sheet.
  • Keep them for at least 8 days for drying and dry them properly and then fry them in the heated oil.